Belgian TV Drama Cordon Commissioned for Second Season

The Belgian series Cordon, currently being shown on BBC4, has been re-commissioned by VTM for a second season.

Ricus Jansegers, program director of VTM said:

VTM, and Eyeworks believe in this series and in the international potential. Therefore, we decided to take the risk and provide additional financing. However, the aid from the Media Fund is crucial in funding to enable the series.

Cordon was first broadcast in the spring of 2014 and had, on average, 855,000 viewers – a market share of around 42%. However it is international interest that has secured a second season, with the Flemish drama now showing in the UK and scheduled for release in the Netherlands and Denmark. It has also been purchased for a remake named ‘Containment’ which is currently in production by CW.

The new season will be another 10 episodes and pick up exactly where the last season ended. VTM have already confirmed some actors will be returning including:

  • Wouter Hendrickx (inspector Jokke)
  • Mieke De Groote (government official Sabine Lommers)
  • Tom Dewispelaere (commissioner Lex Faes)

BBC4 have not yet released any information on whether they will be acquiring another season.

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