SVT and Canal+: Two European Broadcasters Commission Jour Polaire / Midnight Sun

Swedish broadcaster SVT and French premium cable channel Canal+ have released information today on the joint venture for a cross-country project called Jour Polaire or Midnight Sun. Much like The Bridge that featured Swedish and Danish broadcasters creating a singular product, Midnight Sun intends to become the first ‘Nordic-Noir’ Thriller TV series crossing between France and Sweden. Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein, writers and directors of The Bridge, are set to direct the first season of 8 episodes.

Featuring Leïla Bekhti and Gustaf Hammarsten (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), the Series follows the gruesome murder of a French citizen in a Northern town in Sweden prompting an investigation by both countries. Delving deeper and deeper it appears the crime is no accident, but a display of a intent from a serial killer on the loose.

SVT’s Head of Drama Chrsitian Wikander said:

Midnight Sun is the result of several years of collaboration between SVT, Canal+, Nice Drama, and Atlantique Productions. It is important to try to find a story that is relevant to both channels. In this case it is both a story and a theme you have not seen before. However, it is still based in crime. But there is something unique, not least because of Bjorn and Måns’ way of telling it. It is also unusual that it is partly set in Sami culture.”

The multilingual crime/thriller is currently filming in Paris and expected to be broadcast early 2016. As of yet no mention of exporting to the UK or US.

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