New 4World Drama service to launch this Autumn

Channel 4 as announced via its press website that it will launch an all new online channel with the working title 4World Drama. The new service will be available this year on All4 (the 4oD replacement) and be acquiring not only Danish and Swedish dramas but a whole bundle of Dramas from around the world.

This channel seeks to capatalise on the recent success of ‘Nordic-Noir’ programs on channels such as BBC4 and Sky Arts. Although they have the better relationship with DR, the market for foreign dramas is very much still in play especially in regard to other European programming. Channel 4’s Chief Executive David Abraham said:

“We’ve seen from the response to titles like The Returned on Channel 4 that there’s a real appetite for quality international drama from UK viewers – but only a small selection of foreign-language series have been able to get a UK broadcast partner. This new service will be a fantastic showcase for creative talent around the world and an innovative addition to All 4.”

It’s also interesting to note that not only will these new programmes be available online, but a great collection of previous Dramas will be stored online for ‘box-set viewing’. Not only are we getting a wave of new European excellence but we are able to catch up on the series that have been highly successful in their respective country. Right now information is scarce although I believe that it will provide those who are interested in foreign programmes a whole new archive in which to delve into.

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